What We Do

Brand Identity and Code Consultants
As a member of your team, Designer Sign Systems, LLC (DSS) will collaborate to design a comprehensive signage program that enhances your vision, highlights brand identity, and meets your compliance and operational needs. We seamlessly work with architects, designers, developers, and contractors to execute your sign project from planning, design, and permitting, to fabrication and installation.
Pedestrian and Vehicular Wayfinding
Identifying decision points and effectively guiding a visitor through a building or campus is invaluable. Done effectively, a successful wayfinding program enhances the user experience and reinforces the sense of place while providing for the health, safety, and welfare of the building and its users. Visual reminders and subtle identifiers are used in conjunction with your architectural features to highlight your wayfinding system.
Sign Planning and Design
With your input, we will execute a well thought out and effective sign planning and design package. Whether you need exterior property and building IDs, environmental graphics, or interior code signage, our seasoned architectural and graphic professionals at DSS will creatively design projects from concept to completion. Our approach allows the same attention to detail and service, no matter the project scope.
Donor Recognition Programming
Many institutions - both private and public - actively solicit donors. Designing a system that establishes the hierarchy and displays this recognition harmoniously provides a strong incentive for continued donor participation. Programs are planned based on length of campaign. Many on-going campaigns are designed to allow for many years of growth.
Design-Build Services
DSS will streamline your sign program’s implementation and help you establish timelines and meet budget expectations from start to finish. Consolidating design and fabrication activities with one project team means accountability is more firmly established, and project design, fabrication cost, and delivery time is reduced.
Signage Standardization Programs
Development of a standards program is critical to establish a strong and consistent brand identity and uniform appearance across multiple buildings and/or properties. Well-documented signage standards allow facilities managers to service signage needs in a cost and time-effective manner by streamlining reorders and renovations.
Budget and Cost Analysis
An effective signage program begins with a professional assessment of the owner’s goals and needs. Establishing an adequate budget by Early Cost Analysis ensures a smooth implementation of the signage portion of your project.
Planet Design
Our Web-based sign management system is a secure, interactive, and “Green” approach that allows stakeholders near or far to collaborate during your sign program development. Planet Design also stores your project specifications and signage inventory in the system for easy and cost-effective sign maintenance moving forward.
Product Design and Specifications
Designer Sign Systems will provide clear design intent and detailing on signage drawings and comprehensive specifications to ensure bidders can easily discern the desired results. DSS will provide specification documents in CSI format that are easily integrated into your bid package.
Environmental Graphics
Graphic and experiential elements add bold strokes to any environment and go hand in hand with architectural signage to realize the design and functional intent. We collaborate with industry partners to design, engineer, fabricate and install environmental graphics ranging from simple privacy film and wayfinding to large format wall murals that will transform your vision into reality.